Noteworthy News in Nevada: A Retrospective on 2020 Presidential Election Campaign Ads in the Silver State

A light fixture in the shape of the state of Nevada with "LET'S VOTE" inside the state.

As a swing state with 6 electoral votes, Nevada was integral on the path to winning the 2020 election. Here we take a deep dive into how the official Biden and Trump campaign pages targeted voters within the Silver State.

Trump’s Ad Spending Breakdown in the “Latinos for Trump” Facebook Page

Gathering of Trump supporters. One supporter is holding a flag with Trump's image on it.

With the election finally decided, it is clear that the 2020 election was far from predictable. Several key voting demographics defied polling and created an unexpected outcome. In this article, we take a look at the “Latinos for Trump” Facebook page and how ads were used to influence this key demographic of voters.

Deep Dive into Trump’s Demographic-Specific Facebook Pages

Crowd of people dressed in winter clothes with US-themed colors. A person with a "Korea Veteran" hat appears in the center of the photo.

To run ads on Facebook, advertisers must connect their ads to a particular Facebook page that they administer. However, Facebook does not limit advertisers to running ads from a single Facebook page. For example, the Trump campaign has been running ads from over 20 different Facebook pages so far this year. Several of these pages are targeted at specific demographics. This is a deep dive of the month-by-month breakdown of how Donald Trump has utilized demographic-specific Facebook pages to run ads.